Frequently asked questions

I’m a student

What is Speage?


Speage is an online platform which helps you to learn foreign langauges through a video call with lecturers from over the whole world. Grammar books, workbooks and language learning applications are great, but there´s nothing better than a real lecturer, who adapts his teaching methods to your needs and skills. Speage offers you a lot of lecturers from Slovakia and also other countries. If you long for improving your communication skills in English you can order the lesson with the native speakers from GB or the USA. If you have problems with grammar rules you can contact Slovak lecturers. It´s up to you!

How it works?


Speage gives you an opportunity to contact the lecturers of foreign languages from Slovakia and abroad. After choosing your lecturer,  click on his schedule and choose date and time that suits you. You pay for the lesson with Speage credits. The teacher admits your request and the lesson is planned. You will receive an e-mail to remind you the start of lesson one hour before its beginning. The lesson runs through online application Gruveo that is similiar to Skype. Gruveo will connect you with your lecturer. After the lesson you will be asked to review the lesson. If there is no problem, the lecturer will be paid for his services. If the problem occures, you report it and Speage will help you to solve the problem – refund, rescheduling of the lesson, ect.

Who is a native speaker?


Native speaker is someone who has spoken a particular language since they were a baby, rather than having learned it as a child or adult.

Why should I learn language with Speage?


  1. Direct contact

There´s no doubt that school education, workbooks, tests and grammar books have their advantages and place in learning foreign language. However, the real contact with the native speakers or professional teachers is more effective way to improving your language skills. The fact that you communicate with person from abroad encourages you to use all your knowledge and skills actively. An effort to understand each other helps you to overcome language barrier, stress and constant self-controling of your speech and grammar. You are forced to react quickly to your teacher´s questions and you do not even realize it because you enjoy the conversation.

  1. Online learning and your choice

Online learning is a new trend in learning languages, that enables you to learn new things in the comfort of your home, office or favourite coffee shop. If you are busy and do not have time to travel from place to place, you´re not feeling like attending language school regularly then try Speage where you can choose the teacher, time and place of your education.

  1. Cost

Speage offers you many teachers with different costs of their lessons. The scale of price is wide so you can choose what suits you  best.

What technical equipment do I need ?


You need a reliable internet connection, webcam, microphone and of course a desire to learn.

What do I need to register?


For registration you need just an e-mail adress and safe password. For ordering and buying the lesson it is necessary to add to your profile some more information – date of your birth and place of your residence. These information are necessary to conclude the contract between you and the teacher. Speage protects your personal information and does not provide it to the third parties.

How much does it cost to learn through Speage?


Speage gives right to the Speage teachers to decide the price of their lessons. We do not limit their costs. You can choose the lecturer whose cost is convenient for you. The cost of the individual lessons and packages is displayed in the lecturers´ profiles. The costs of the lessons and packages are shown in Speage credits.

What are Speage credits? Why do I need them?


Speage credit is virtual currency by which you pay for the lecturer´s services. 1 Speage credit represents 1 Euro. You use Speage credits whenever you want to order lesson or package.

You can see your amount of Speage credits in your profile. The amount of your credits may be raised by depositing money into your Speage account. If you do not want to use your credits anymore in Speage app and you want to get your money back, it is necessary to write an e-mail request to Speage Admin ( Speage Admin will take care of it as soon as possible.

Who will be my teacher?


Speage offers you a variety of teachers from different countries including Slovakia. Your only task is to thoroughly look through their profiles and introducion videos, which will help you to decide who is the perfect match for you. Professional lecturers are labeled with a mark * certificated. It means, that they gained the language certificates or that they have university degrees in the field of pedagogy and language teaching. You may also choose from other teachers without the label *certificated – these are long-term users of the language or native speakers.

How do I know the quality of the teacher?


  1. Selection

Speage team evaluate and review each potentional lecturer before allowing him to create a profile and offer his services at  Information in the lecturers´profiles such as certificates are verified by our Speage team. Speage lecturer may be:

  1. a) native speaker
  2. b) professional teacher (certified)
  3. c) long-term users with language level C1-C2
  4. Teacher´s introduction video

Each Speage lecturer must have introduction video in his profile. Thanks to the video you can „meet“ your lecturer before you book the lesson. You can listen to his pronounciation and accent, see what he looks like and find what teaching methods he uses.

  1. Students´ reviews

After the lesson is finished, the students are asked to review the lesson. This way the lecturer´s rating raises or decreases. The teacher´s rating is visible for each user of Speage application. In lecturer´s profile you may also read the reviews written by students who have already had lessons with the teacher.

How do I order a lesson?


  1. Open a profile of the teacher you like
  2. Choose the time and date of your desired lesson
  3. Make sure you have enough credit to pay for the lesson, or buy some
  4. Meet your teacher at the scheduled time on our website in the lesson view.
  5. If everything goes well, mark the lesson as finished. Should you have any problem during the lesson, don’t hesitate to contact the teacher via our messaging system or choose the solution for your problem after the lesson is finished. You may ask for the lesson reschedule or full refund. Provided the teacher refuses your proposal, Speage is to make a decision, based on your mutual conversation, lesson log and all the available information.

How do I get my credits back?


You may ask for the refund of your credits by writing us an email and providing your bank account number.

Can I cancel an ordered lesson? May I change the date of the lesson?


Let’s say you have already chosen the best teacher for you, planned a lesson, but something unexpected came up. No problem, however there are certain rules for the lesson cancelation as well as for the time or date amendments. You may cancel the lesson more than 48 hours before the lesson starts, without notifying the teacher. Provided it is less than 48 hours before the lesson starts, you may as the teacher to cancel the lesson. The teacher may, or may not agree. In case the teacher doesn’t agree the lesson will not be cancelled and he/she has the right to get paid for the lesson regardless of you attending. The same rule applies for the date/time change.

Every lesson is locked less than 12 hours before the start. It means neither student nor teacher can make any changes or proposals.

There was a problem with my lesson, what should I do?


Should you have any problem during the lesson, don’t hesitate to contact the teacher via our messaging system or choose the solution for your problem after the lesson is finished. You may ask for the lesson reschedule or full refund. Provided the teacher refuses your proposal, Speage is to make a decision, based on your mutual conversation, lesson log and all the available information

What is a trial lesson?


Trial lesson is an introduction to the teachers teaching techniques. After the completing of the trial you should be able to decide, if the teacher suits you or not. The price of trial lesson is usually lower than that of the normal lesson.

I’m a teacher

What is Speage?


Speage is an online platform which mediates videochat connection between students and teachers from all around the world. Students who visit our website may view your teacher profile, contact you via Speage messaging system and book a lesson with you.

How does Speage work?


Speage works just like an online marketplace with language teaching services. Students who are interested, may book a lesson with you. They will then put their money in our deposit system. After the lesson is succesfully finished, the credit is transferred to your profile. Teachers receive their money once a month.

Do I have to pay for being a teacher on Speage?


It is completely free to open a teacher account on Every lesson you teach earns you credit. The credit is then converted to money and transfered to your PayPal account. Speage charges 10% of the transaction between teacher and student.  Let’s say the price of your lesson is 10 EUR. Speage charges you 1 EUR and 9 EUR is transfered to your PayPal account.

How much do I receive on my PayPal account?


Speage will send the exact amount as shown in your profile section – My earnings. PayPal will then apply the standard fee which is 3,4% + 0,35 EUR for each transaction.

Does Speage provide teachers with lesson plans?


The teachers at Speage work independently. There are no lesson plans provided.

What is a presentation video?


Presentation video is a way how you can introduce yourself to your potential students. It´s a way how you can promote yourself and present your language skills. The length of a video should be from 1 to 3 minutes. Watch the example of presentation video and think of what you want to tell your students. Bear in mind that your video should be interesting and memorable.

Video requirements


  1. Appear on the video. Students want to know their teacher and hear his pronunciation in foreign language. Try to be natural.
  2. Shoot your video horizontally.
  3. Do not advertise or promote other services in your video.
  4. Do not provide personal contact information. Your video will be available on the Internet, so protect yourself and your privacy.

What should I say in the video?


Prepare a script. Don´t forget that the video is your “advertisement”. Be creative and try to follow these 3 points:

  1. Introduce yourself. Tell your name, list the languages you speak. Describe your experiences with teaching foreign language, or other experiences connected with foreign language that brought you to teaching (such as living abroad). If you have language certificates (FCE,CAE, TOEFL…), don´t hesitate and mention them too.
  2. Describe your lessons. Describe the teaching methods you use during lessons, if you use some special activities mention them too. You can also tell why you like being a teacher. What is more, you can even teach first new vocabulary or phrase to your students. It´s up to you!
  3. Show your personality. Be yourself, be natural. Choose clothing and background that you love. Don´t forget to smile a lot! If you have some special hobbies, tell about them your students. Maybe you will discuss them later.

Other tips:

  1. Keep your video short. 1 – 2 minutes is enough! J
  2. Be natural. Look at the camera and pretend it´s your student you´re talking to. Don´t read your script.

How do I record my Introduction Video?


You can record your video using smartphone, video camera or your webcam. If you don´t have video camera or your smartphone is not good enough you can use webcam.  How?

  1. Visit page:
  2. Select Allow if you´re asked to permit access to your camera and microphone.
  3. Record you video by clicking on button:
  4. After you ´ve recorded a video, you can preview it by clicking on the Play button.
  5. When your video is ready, click on a button Save.
  6. Download your video.

How do I upload my video on Speage?

STEP 1: Uploading your video to

To upload your video to Speage you have to upload it firstly to How do you upload video to youtube? Let´s do it together:

  1. Log in to your Youtube Account. If you don´t have Youtube account yet , you can use your email and password you use in Gmail.
  2. Once you have logged in, click on the “camera button” in the upper right corner.  
  3. Click on: Upload video.
  4. Click on: Select files to upload.
  5. Choose your video and click on Open.
  6. Wait till your video is uploaded on 100%, mark your video as public.
  7. Click on: Complete / Publish.
  8. Copy the URL the youtube generated for you.


STEP 2: Uploading your video to Speage

In the registration form you are required to insert URL of your presentation video. How you get your URL?

  1. Open your video on
  2. Click on the button Share that is under the video
  3. Copy the URL:
  4. Insert the URL into your registration form.

Who can teach on Speage?


Native speakers are more than welcome to join our platform. However, being a non-native speaker doesn’t disqualify you from our teacher services. The only thing you need to do is to prove that you have the necessary education for teaching, experience from abroad, or simply that you master a foreign language. Make sure you provide enough information for us to make a decision regarding your language knowledge. (Most importantly your presentation video)

What technical equipment do I need to teach?


You need a reliable internet connection, webcam and microphone.

How do I share my screen during the videochat?


After the lesson started, click the monitor icon in the upper right corner. Depending on the browser you use, you may need to install the plug in for the screenshare to work properly. This is done in under 30 seconds.

How is teaching done?


All teaching on Speage is done through a video chat. You do not need to sign up for a Skype account or download any software. You’ll be connected with your student just by clicking the button on our website.

What is Speage Credit?


Speage Credit is a virtual currency that we use to demonstrate transfers of money between students and teachers. One credit equals 1 Euro.

Where will I teach?


You can teach from anywhere in the world. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

Do I need a language certificate to teach?


Language certificates and education in the language field will increase your chance of being admitted. However, good presentation video and  history of your language usage could make up the deficit.

Do I have to be a native speaker?


No. Being a good teacher with fine knowledge of the language is enough.

How do I know that my application has been accepted?


After your registration, we will review your presentation video, certificates, and other information. If you meet our requirements, we will contact you within the 2 weeks by email.

Which languages can I teach?


You can teach English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French. We intend to add new languages in the future.

Can I teach more than one language?


Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible.

How do I get paid?


As soon as the lesson is successfuly finished, the credits from Students transfer to your account.  Speage will send your earnings to your PayPal account once a month.

How do I create a PayPal account?


Visit the website: and create your personal account for free.

What is the price of my lessons?


It’s up to you. You will set the price of your lessons.

How much will I earn?


It depends on the price and number of lessons you’ll successfully finish.

How many lessons can I teach?


It is up to you. You will create your own schedule so that students will know when they are able to book a lesson with you. When a student requests a lesson, you’ll be automatically notified via email and on our platform. You are free accept or decline his request.

How do I get my students?


Students have the access to viewing profiles of individual teachers. Based on the presentation video, profile information and rating, they will decide which one is the right one. The better your ratings and reviews the greater is your chance to get new students.

How do I interact with my students?


Any contact with the student except the lesson itself, works solely through Speage’s messaging system.

What should my profile photo look like?


Your photo is an important part of your profile. The first impression is important, so let’s take a look at your photo.

  1. Be a professional

Your photo should have a high resolution. Selfie in the mirror of your bathroom is certainly not appropriate.

  1. Be recognizable

Students will feel more confident booking a lesson with you when they can clearly see who you are. Don’t use photos where you interact with other people. Make sure you don’t wear sunglases

  1. Light and distance

The photo must be well-visible in good lighting and not taken from a long distance.

Why should I teach on Speage? What are the benefits?


Speage arranges many things for the teacher.  Investing in marketing and ensuring that you always have enough students is just one of them.  We also protect both sides: students and teachers by Speage system of dispute resolution. Until the lesson is successfuly finished, we hold the money from student safely in our deposit account. Speage makes your working hours and your salary as flexible as it can be. Your are your own boss.

Do I have to pay taxes on my earnings from Speage?


You have to make sure to comply with your local laws and regulations all the time. Speage does not collect any tax information about teachers.